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“Vanessa helped me find the light and strength within myself. I am now stronger, more resilient and braver than I ever thought possible. Through the years, I have reached back and evolved with the skills she showed me. 

Battling with my own mental health, I was young and with a baby of a few months old when, with the sudden death of my soulmate, my world was falling apart. I was lost, scared and alone, or so I thought. Vanessa reached out to me during the darkest time in my life, and with her kind words and coaching helped me gather the pieces mentally and emotionally. I cannot even begin to explain to how much that meant to me then, and even more so now, how that has helped me grow through the years. It has now been 10 years (2010) and Vanessa has always been a mere message away, no matter where either of us were on this earth. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for being the flicker of light in the darkness.” 

-Sandra Streak - South Africa

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“I would like to acknowledge the extraordinary impact that Vanessa Kelly has had on my life. In 2011, I participated in her Life Coaching program “Clear Life Coaching.” Vanessa was extremely professional and knowledgeable about her field of Personal Transformation. I had a truly life-enhancing experience, guided by a coach who was supportive, intuitive and honest. I highly recommend her service.”             

 -Tatum Robinson, South Korea

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My name is Vanessa Kelly and I help women find the clarity and strength to realise their dreams.
I use my skills as an Evolved Life Coach to guide clients in identifying and overcoming the barriers that block their path to fulfilment.

I came into this work after experiencing the transformative power of coaching firsthand. Knowing how invaluable this practise has been in my own life, I am eager to share it with others.

If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, and are ready for a change, let’s have a conversation about how I can help.

“I really enjoyed working with Vanessa, my mother and mentor. Her coaching style was authentic and insightful, she has an amazing ability to see through to the heart of the issues you want to work through. She created a safe space in which I could unearth my deepest fears and embrace a new reality. I would highly recommend her as a life coach as she helped me tap into my deepest potential and attain my highest goals. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.” 

-Carmen Kelly - South Africa

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