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About me


In so many ways, the difficulties that we all struggle with can be directly connected to what we were taught in our formative years. I was raised to believe that I was not special in any way; that I had nothing that the world wanted. 

But life coaching, and the winding path that led me to this life-changing practise, have shown me that what I was taught early on was wrong. We all have something meaningful to contribute to the world. And my personal contribution - my purpose - has always been helping others realise their dreams.


My journey to life coaching began after my husband died, leaving me with two babies and a teenager to raise. A good Samaritan sponsored me to see a therapist, who helped me resolve my anger issues. This put me firmly on the path of self-realisation and helped me see that I am in fact an empath whose best traits are to help and teach others.


With this knowledge, I went on to study herbalism, aromatherapy, massage and reiki. I practised these modalities for 8 years, but over time I became frustrated. I would help people heal their pain or dis-ease, but they would keep coming back with the same issues, over and over again. This is when I realised that the way I truly wanted to help people was by enabling them to become responsible for their lives and guiding them to achieve their goals.


This realisation brought me to Life Coaching. I had unconsciously already been doing this for as long as I can remember, listening to friends’ problems and advising them on how they could improve their situation. But in order to be more effective, I wanted to learn a skillset, so I studied to become an Evolved Life Coach.


When you study coaching, you in effect receive coaching for yourself. After I completed my course, I was so inspired that I set up my coaching practise and felt such fulfilment seeing my clients change from being bowed down with stress and sadness to walking away with heads held high, confident that they had now created attainable goals.


A few years into my coaching practise, my children reminded me of one of my childhood dreams: to travel and see the world. At 51, I decided it was time to realise this dream and left home to explore. For 6 years, I travelled extensively through South and Central America and gained a vast and varied amount of experience - everything from running hostels to working in a zoo, teaching English to being a bookkeeper for a charity organisation.


Because I was traveling alone, I learnt who I truly was. What a pleasure to now be able to grow into who I really am and have even more clarity around my passion and purpose: life coaching. I have been back in South Africa for 3 years now, and I feel the time is right to once again use my skills to help others achieve their dreams by clearing their lives of all that blocks their path to fulfilment.